The Child abuse Laws and Procedures in Australia

In Australia, various territories and states have a bunch of laws to ensure child safety to define the responsibilities of individuals and organisations dealing with it. In fact, there are no national legislation or child safety system, so one should understand and practice what is needed in each territory.

So, in Australia, it is very important to understand the child safety regulations if you travel interstate with children for recreation or sport. Say, for example, if you travel to Melbourne area, then you should comply with the child safety specifications as per the Victoria Law or Western Australian law. A family lawyer with specialist expertise in state child abuse laws needed to be approached for any legal support in child abuse cases. Read more on Valery NovoselSky Legal Information – About Family Law.

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Understanding child abuse laws and terminology

In the major regulation under the Family Law Act, child abuse is defined as any type of physical, mental, or sexual abuse or harassment of a child. It mainly covers sexual activity in which a child is abused as an object for sexual satisfaction.

Even though the child abuse laws change from state to state in Australia, there is some common criterion based on which these laws are structured as below.

Under section 4(1) of the Child Abuse Act, it is defined as:

an assault including sexual assault against a child, or

a person trying to involve a child in any kind of sexual activity wherein the child is used directly or indirectly as a sexual object, or

Causing the child any psychological harm including when the child gets exposed to any kind of family violence, or

Seriously neglecting a child.

In child abuse cases, courts may generally make decisions by considering many factors, but primarily in the best interests of a child. Child abuse cases are mostly reported in Australia in association with domestic violence, divorce, and other troublesome family situations.