Benefits Of Bottle Recycling Adelaide

Recycling is to save a material for reuse. When you recycle a bottle, you help relieve the pressure on natural resources and decrease greenhouse gases in the sky. While doing it, you help the environment and at the same time earn some cash.

We have numerous good reasons for recycling. It is really amazing to know what the benefits of bottle recycling are. Some exciting facts about recycling are presented here.

bottle recycling

(1) One of the countries that generate the highest waste per capita is Australia. This shows that usually each Australian creates more waste than an individual in most other countries. The average household in Australia turns out roughly 400 kilograms of waste per year.

(2) It takes up to 500 years for plastic bottles to break down in landfill.

(3) When you recycle one plastic bottle, you save sufficient energy required to power a computer for 25 minutes.

(4) You can recycle glass for an endless number of times. If you throw a glass bottle in landfill instead of recycling it, 4000 to one million years will be needed to break it down.

In Australia, the best recyclers are residents of South Australia. It has become possible chiefly as a result of the Container Deposit Legislation of the South Australian Government. The legislation puts a 10c refund deposit on a number of beverage containers. Many initiatives have been taken to put focus on the advantages of recycling at home, at school and at work across Australia. However, Adelaide residents are able not only to know about recycling but also to make money by recycling.

Often recycling proves to be cheaper than manufacturing the container material in the first place. But it is equally important to save our natural resources and emissions of greenhouse gases from landfill dumps.