Tips for moving a piano safely with the help of professional movers

The piano is very expensive, delicate and fragile item that needs to be shifted under proper guidance and full safety. Thus, many people have their sentiments attached to it, so they hire professional movers who can safely and securely move the piano from one place to another. They follow some important tips while shifting so that no damage can be done.

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moving piano

  • You know the piano is heavy and if proper management is not done while shifting than it could get damaged. It is very important to lift the piano up with fairly distributed weight so that there will be no imbalance while lifting it up.
  • It is not one person’s job, so the whole team has to invest their effort. Therefore, the whole team should work in sync while lifting the piano. If anyone dis-balances it then some serious injury to others and damage can be done to the piano. The Tips for moving a piano should be followed properly.
  • The chances of injury are not that high, but they are there so proper safety gears and accessories should be carried as if there is an emergency situation then proper safety guards and gears can help in saving the individual. So, proper arrangements should be made prior to shifting the heavy piano.
  • Well, if you are moving a piano, then you required it to cover properly otherwise while shifting any of its important might get damage so piano should be wrapped around completely with the help of tapes. If necessary, some parts should be transferred separately. Cover the lid of the piano with some thick sheet and taped it securely.


The piano is a very sentimental instrumental which many people find connected. Often during transfer, many delicate things get damaged. So, use the help of movers in moving it.