The Best of Both Worlds – Characteristics of the Pug Husky mix

siberian husky

Hugs are the great dogs, and they are mix breed of Pugs and Husky. They are cheerful and playful dogs and are independent thinkers. The Siberian Husky and Pugs are the parents and the traits into Hugs and can be a drive from them. There are certainly good qualities of both the parents and the best of both will provide Hugs with the big personality.

Hugs can be kept as a pet dog in the house because they are happy and calm. Not like other dogs, if training is provided to them from a very young age, they can start learning the discipline and within sometimes they will become obedient and shall follow their owner’s command.

There are Characteristics of the Pug Husky mix that makes them a great companion for the animals as well as humans.

  • They are not aggressive. Their temperament is not high, and they generally don’t get aggressive.
  • They are happy to mix breed with cheerful nature and are sweet in nature.
  • They are full of energy if they carry more traits from Siberian Husky parent otherwise if Pug traits are more then they will become lazy and couch potato.
  • They like getting exercise in the form of walking, running and playing fetch. If they don’t get it enough, then they may get irritated.
  • They are intelligent and thus often used by search and rescue parties. Many security agencies are also using such dogs.
  • They are committed and loyal and love their owner very much.
  • They are more affectionate than other dogs.
  • Hugs are called as people’s friend.


The unique characteristics of big personalities are what makes Hug great and committed companion dog. They are great with kids and take care of them. These dogs drive a lot of energy.